SQL Development & DBA Services

SQL Server is a Microsoft product used to create and manage database systems on various desktop, enterprise, and web-based Windows applications. MS SQL Server is loaded with numerous capabilities and features that make it ideally suited for most of the commercial applications.

New World Software provides top of the line Database Development and Remote DBA Services for the Microsoft SQL Server platform. New World Software expertise in custom SQL Server Development /Administration is the result of 10+ years of experience in MS SQL Server.

New World Software has a team of professionals who can provide exceptional database development and administration support for all major versions of MS SQL Server ( SQLServer 7, SQLServer 2000, SQLServer 2005 and SQLServer 2008). We provide cost-effective database solutions which translate into improved performance for your mission critical applications.

Our team of experienced DBA/Developers ensures top performance for your database systems which results in increased productivity, lower overhead costs and increase in revenues.

We provide following SQL Development and DBA services:

  • Remote Database development
  • Remote DBA services
  • Database Architecture and Design
  • Database Development
  • ADO.NET Entity Framework Development
  • Administration and Maintenance
  • DB Trouble-shooting
  • Optimization and Performance Tuning
  • Data Integration
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Database Technical Project Managementg