Mobile Game Development

According to German language a game is any activity which is executed only for pleasure and without conscious purpose, irresepective of age everyone might have played games. With advent of smart phone game apps the gaming industry has gone to a next level.

With latest smart phone edition, gaming has become a fantasy and fun. The main reason behind this is that the operating system of such mobiles are Android/IOS based. Android/IOS platform supports clarity-induced digital games on mobile phones.

We provide following Android/Iphone game development services:

  • Strategy based board game using 2d and 3d environment.
  • Side Scrolling action games.
  • Innovative and mind tickling puzzle games.
  • Multi User Turn based games

Why New World Software?

We at New world software have a group of skilled professional who are best at delivering quality Android/IOS based games. We develop games customized to the end-user. Our aim is to develop high quality games supportive on Android/IOS platform. 2+ years of Experience in development of Android and Iphone game applications. We have highly expertised team of OpenGL developers and game designers. Expertise in creating optimised memory consumption game applications. You a idea for a killer game like Angry Birds, NWS will help you to bring the game idea to life.

To discuss about our services, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us on or call +44 (0)20799 36140 or fill the form on left.