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Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud is a mix between the public and private options. You have the ability to spread things out over a hybrid cloud, allowing you to keep each aspect of your business as efficient as possible.

Generally, the IT service providers would suggest companies to invest in a new server, we on the other hand, advise companies to move to the Hybrid Cloud solution which helps saves them up to 57% on their capital expenditure that they would otherwise pay for the upgrade of the server, as well as helping to reduce their annual support charges by up to 25%. This gives companies a double benefit on cost saving for choosing to move to the Hybrid Cloud Solution.

Our approach to implementing the Hybrid Cloud is to analyse what functions are being performed on the server(s) and to then follow a path of tasks depending on the scenario. Our aim with this is to help you to decommission the server that has been taking up too much floor space, sending out a large proportion of heat and stacking you up the electricity bills.

In essence, the customer should tentatively look at the cloud as an option, then once we have had the time to explain how it works and how it can save you money. With the current economic downturn, the solution speaks for itself. We are offering you a solution where we can implement the Hybrid Cloud and we will look after your business with our support services.

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