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Life Sciences

Life sciences companies face significant pressure for change from physicians, patients, payers and regulators. Increased competition and significant financial constraints are limiting their ability to deliver exceptional value to shareholders and innovative healthcare to the world community. As a result, they are seeking more progressive business models and solutions that deliver superior business outcomes, while optimizing cost and enhancing patient outcomes.

Recent works

Why New World Software?

New World software leverages its core strengths in bioinformatics, data mining & analytics, predictive modeling, computational chemistry, computer aided drug discovery, software engineering and research biology to develop technologies and products for research biology and drug discovery.

There are generalists and there are specialists. It makes sense to choose a firm organized around specialists—smart people succeeding every day in the global markets. With New World Software, you gain access to an expanded team of technology and functional experts who specialize in:

  • Analytics
  • Creating and Managing Pre-clinical and clinical databases
  • Creating and Managing Chemical lab inventory databases

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